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We are striving to assist the children in our community (Charleston, SC). If you could volunteer in any services that we offer, please click on "Reserve Your Spot", choose a topic/ issue (Volunteer), and then give us information where we can contact you for more information. 

We would love volunteers to help with Feed the Kids, Tutoring, Story tellers, and helping high schoolers with career choices, filling out college applications, and much more. If you believe you are a good fit, apply.


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Feed the Kids | Personal Care Products

Our vision is to provide meals for children during summer months and snacks sent home during school months.  (Coming Soon) We currently supply personal care products for children of all ages. Just fill out the contact form indicating what is needed.




Special thanks to Main Road Self Storage for sponsoring our space to store the products.


(843) 559-0061

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Our tutoring services are for children of all ages. We will strive for one on one sessions. We will be doing tutoring in Math, English and Reading. If you would like to receive tutoring services for your children or a group, click the link below to start the application process.  There is a fee. 

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Story Time with Kentia

Art Class
Children Reading the Holy Bible

Coming Soon

Art Club

There are changes coming to our Storytime with Kentia Program. Please stay tuned for updates coming in March 2023. 

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