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About Freedom in Christ Deliverance Ministries

Freedom in Christ Deliverance Ministries was started in February 2020. Kentia Middleton received a vision from God to equip His people with the necessary knowledge and wisdom needed to obtain a prosperous life. God wants to place every lost person on a path to finding out who they are. He wants His people to know His voice and follow Him. This ministry will lead every person to Jesus and learn of His love, goodness and mercy. It will also provide support for those in need, whether that be spiritual, mental, or financial.

Children's Bread Network: Keeping Our Innocence is an addition to Freedom in Christ Deliverance Ministries that was birthed out on Sept. 1, 2020. God gave Kentia this vision to equip, train and provide Godly content for children to be able to walk in purpose and destiny at an early age. God has a great plan for this generation. They will not fall by the sword.

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More About Kentia Middleton

Kentia was born and raised in Charleston, SC. She was raised in an unconventional setting by her mother and paternal grandparents. She did not grow up in the church but attended church from time to time with her friends. She witnessed witchcraft activities in her family that brought torment in her daily life. She has always been a dreamer since she can remember. In her youth, she was tormented in her dreams because her family had open doors to the enemy. She dealt with rejection from birth and ended up pregnant at 15 years old. She got saved around this same time. She got baptized by water and the Holy Spirit at 16. She had many struggles even at this time which caused her to separate from the love of God at age 18. She went into the world for 13 years doing all manner of evil and experiencing homelessness, addiction, depression, hopelessness, anger and much more. God prepared her throughout all the hardships she faced but in 2017, he tugged at her heart and called her back. He commissioned her to spread the gospel and to walk in the calling He mandated for her life. She went through a process of healing and deliverance and now want to see others set free. She is an intercessor, and an ordained prophet and pastor that has the word of God in her mouth.

She is a mother to 2 children. She is also married  to her husband, Spencer. Kentia has a bachelor's degree in accounting, minor in business, and a master's degree in business administration. She is an elementary teacher, owns businesses, blogs and an author. She is a member of Fearless Fire Network, Overseer: Dr. Zolisha L. Ware.

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