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You are a Leader

Hello God's Anointed,

There are so many things going on in the Earth today that can be questionable. We see so many things happening in society, culture and even the church. How are we to know what to engage in? Are we supposed to flow how the world leads us? The answer is no. We are children of God and we are seated in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus. This means that we should react to what goes on in the Earth differently than we see people acting who do not know God. This is because God requires us to live from a heavenly perspective. We are able to pray our Father's will into the Earth effectively when we set our eyes on the things that are above (God) and not beneath (Earth).

When you are at school, you should be an example of Christ for others to see. Some children do as they see others do and this is why you should be the example of Christ to help them see a Godly model. This means that when you see someone getting into an altercation (argument) and it starts to get worse where it seems like a fight is about to happen, you do not instigate (push them to fight), you tell them to calm down or you walk away from that situation. When you see your peers getting involved in activities that God forbids us to do such as destroying our temple (our body), having sex before marriage, drinking, smoking and many other things, we do not engage in those things. There are many things that you could be doing besides what I listed above. Children think that these things are fun because the world makes it look appealing (attractive, exciting). I can tell you from experience, it will cost you. What do I mean by this?

When I was a teenager, I started drinking, smoking, partying, and having sex and this led me in a dark path in life. I got pregnant and had a baby at 15 years old. I became addicted to marijuana and alcohol even though it started off as something to do for fun. I became depressed and stuck in life because of the decisions that I made. I do not want you guys to go down the same path as me. Trust me, there is no fun in being bound and stuck. God wants you to know that He has the perfect plan for your life. You do not have to follow the world, society, the crowd, classmates, culture but follow Jesus. There is truly freedom in Jesus Christ. God want you to lead by His example. You might have a classmate that have problems at home and the only person that they can look up to is you. You could be that leadership roll that they need to have hope in life or their situation. God want to use you now to show His mercy towards people. Because you chose God, your classmates will see the light of Jesus through you and follow Him. I just wanted to encourage you today to follow Christ and be a leader in this generation and not a follower. God bless.

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