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Hello beautiful children of God. I want to interact with you guys today and get your input. What are some major issues or social norms in todays society? I know things have changed since I've been a teenager.

I want you guys to know that God loves all people. I am saying this because I will be talking to you about many topics that are controversial. It is not the people that God hates but it is what they do. You might have heard people referring to Christians as being hateful because they do not accept everything that society says is okay. We have to remember that as children of God, we live according to our Heavenly Father. God loves us so much that He supplied us with His word (The Bible) to guide our lives. We have to be Heavenly minded and not Earth bound. This means that we live like our Father and not like people on Earth.

Did you know you are royalty? Yes, God calls you that in His word. You are His sons and daughters that He has adopted through His son Jesus. We are family to God and we must act accordingly. Have you seen kings and queens in the Earth? How do they act? They have class, they have integrity (Truthful/Honest), and they have standards. What does God require from us? He requires that we live holy, righteous, and repentant lifestyles. What does this mean? It means that our hearts are right by forgiving those that do us wrong, we follow God and not what society says is okay, we search our hearts everyday to make sure that we are in proper alignment with God, and we if we are out of alignment we turn back to the things of God and leave behind the things of this world.

You might think that these are hard tasks to do. It can be challenging if we try to do these things in our own strength. If we try to stop things without praying to God for help we may fail. We need God to pull us out of the mud so that we can be cleansed. This is what God desires for you. He want you to know that He loves you and He has the best plan for your life. Yes, it can be hard to be different but God has called you to stand out from the crowd. You are the leader and not the follower.

So I ask you guys to leave me topics that we can talk about in society that is "normal". I will be discussing these topics in my Facebook group. Click the link to join.

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